burst out into giggles bc Hal Mason as Hades saying with a dead straight face “welcome to Hal, I am Hell.” and Lourdes facepalming in the distance like “my husband is a hot damn idiot”

Hades AU. Lourdes started dating Hal instead of Jamil between seasons one and two, and they’re going strong—except for the lingering Karen problem, since Hal’s still kind of in love with the person Karen used to be, and she was always Lourdes’ biggest rival. But when a supposedly paralysed Hal seduces his girlfriend under Karen’s influence, Karen makes sure Lourdes is implanted too—except with a lot more bugs. Why not involve someone she cares about and the one girl who never understood that Hal was hers?

As the Mole begins terrorising Charleston, Hal fears with his dreams that it could be him; Lourdes, after doing medical tests, swears there’s nothing physically wrong with him.  But there’s something wrong with him—there’s something wrong with both of them. And when the one you love is the one who’s turned against you, who can you trust? 

lourdes delgado appreciation week: day 6 → favourite brotp

lourdes delgado appreciation week, day four: heartbreaking moments

Lourdes had way too many.

lourdes delgado appreciation week: day 5 → favourite season

lourdes delgado appreciation week: day 4 heartbreaking moment
"I’m - I’m sorry. Can we talk about.. something else?"

lourdes delgado appreciation week:  day 4  heartbreaking happy moments

lourdes delgado appreciation week: day three - favourite relationship

lourdes delgado appreciation week: day 3 → favourite relationship


lourdes delgado appreciation week, day three: favourite relationship

I shipped Hal and Lourdes the minute Lourdes said her first words to Hal on screen, smiling and looking like a lovesick puppy. For me, Hal and Lourdes had an understanding of each othera deep bond, even before they were both affected by the eye bugs. They were scared kids trying to find the someday, a time where they could settle down and live their lives in peace. It’s just sad that no one put any time or effort had been put into the development of their relationship, particularly with the way the dynamic had been set up between them during the end of season three. A deeper relationship between Hal and Lourdes, either platonic or romantic, would’ve been amazing, especially since the little pieces we did get had so much in them.

(While it’s meant to show what I like to think is a jealous Hal as he watches Lourdes and Jamil kiss, it’s also a shoutout to Lourdes/Jamil, a ship I took a while to warm up to, but then was utterly heartbroken over because Lourdes loved him so much and his death affected her so much and yep so important.) 

lourdes delgado appreciation week: day 2 → favourite quote

lourdes delgado appreciation week:  day two - favourite quotes

lourdes delgado appreciation week, day two: your favourite quotes

1x02 // 4x06 // 1x04

lourdes delgado appreciation week: day one - why you love lourdes
i love lourdes because she is all of these things and more.